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What does it really cost young people to look for work?
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Setting an agenda for policy change to promote youth employment for 2024-2029

16 May 2024

Following consultations with civil society, youth movements and researchers, Youth Capital drafted its agenda for policy change for the next administration 2024-2029.


17 October 2023

‘One Million and Counting: The Presidential Employment Stimulus’ underscores the vital role of public employment programmes in addressing youth unemployment, while at the same time addressing the real needs of community. It also highlights the large impact the Stimulus has had in only three years through its coordination with multiple partners and a bottom-up approach, […]

Bridge the Gap. Finding the ‘right’ young hire.

27 November 2022

Small businesses are considered the backbone of the economy, and increasingly expected to provide solutions to youth unemployment through hiring. But what are the challenges that they face when looking for a young hire?

LINKED IN: rising through social and economic connections

31 August 2022

In this brief, Youth Capital shines a light on the impact that social connections have on improving young people’s employability.

Beyond the Cost: What does it really cost young people to look for work?

3 May 2022

Research report ‘Beyond the Cost’ raises the flag on the cost of looking for work for young job-seekers, and highlights the impact of spatial inequality on transport costs young people face.

The Basic Education Employment Initiative

The Basic Education Employment Initiative: did it work for young people?

1 September 2021

The Basic Education Employment Initiative is South Africa’s largest ever public employment programme. Did it work for young people? Read the report to find out

Research Brief: Jobs.

26 July 2021

Youth Capital’s latest research on how we could strengthen existing opportunities in the public sector.

Research Brief: Transitions.

26 July 2021

Youth Capital’s latest research on the challenges young South Africans face when Transitioning from a place of learning to a place of earning.

Research Brief: Education

9 July 2021

Youth Capital’s latest research on the Education challenges young South Africans face.

Matrics ‘on the Fringe’: a Review of the Second Chance Matric Programme.

11 April 2021

A matric certificate increases the likelihood of young people’s ability to secure work. But What happens when learners drop out of school before obtaining their matric certificate? Matrics ‘on the Fringe’ looks at the Second Chance Matric Programme by the Department of Basic Education.

Technical Report : Second Chance Matric Opportunities

12 March 2021

A matric certificate makes all the difference for young job-seekers. What can we do to improve their chances to succeed in school? In this technical brief, Prof. Martin Gustafsson from Research on Socio-Economic Policy (RESEP) outlines some urgent solutions.

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