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Youth Capital Community

Growing a community of people and organisations to ensure that young people’s lived experiences drive meaningful action

Youth Capital Research

Leading or partnering on research projects to provide evidence on the systemic challenges that lead to youth unemployment

Youth Capital Crowd in Solutions

Identifying and amplifying existing solutions and innovations that address these challenges

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Lobbying with relevant institutions both at provincial and national level to advocate for systemic change

It all starts with young people

Youth Capital - It all starts with young people

Youth unemployment needs to be our biggest priority The majority of the population in South Africa is young people, and youth unemployment is one of the most significant challenges we face today.

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Youth Capital is an advocacy campaign, created to address the lack of youth voices and experiences informing decisions to tackle the youth unemployment crisis. Our first task was to bridge young South Africans’ experiences of youth unemployment with research and the existing interventions and policies. The result is the Action Plan, a strategy that details 10 critical points where young people need support on their journey from education to economic productivity. Key to our work is ensuring that young South Africans shape conversations on the the systemic challenges laid out in the Action Plan and the relevant solutions to those challenges. We then build influence by partnering with organisations that work in the public and private sector that want to tackle youth unemployment holistically, and drive lobbying activities with the relevant decision-makers.

Youth Capital is a campaign that works with your people, concerned citizens, private sector, decision-makers, researchers and NGOs to advocate for the relevant support points to be provided to young people on their journey from education to economic productivity. You can read more about the support we advocate for, also known as the Action Plan. If you’re an NGO, a business or a concerned individual that wants to add your voice to the Plan and our campaigns around it, you can endorse the plan. If you’re a young person, you have a key role to play in shaping campaigns and our advocacy work – make sure you follow us on social media, share our posts, and stay up to date on campaigns by subscribing to our Youth Community Newsletter

Because we’re a campaign advocating for youth-centred and evidence-based solutions to youth unemployment, we don’t focus on recruitment. However, you can check out SAYouth and Job Jack – these two platforms are light on data and advertise entry-level jobs.

We’re glad that you’re interested in getting involved! Individuals can do a lot to influence decisions that can solve youth unemployment. We are a digital campaign with no local branches, so make sure you follow us on social media and join our community by subscribing to our mailers – so that you can stay up to date with campaigns and opportunities to shape our work.

Youth Capital’s Network, called Part of the Action has grown to include over 70 organisations that share our vision for a South Africa where young people have the skills and support to tap into earning opportunities. Once you endorse the Action Plan you can choose the activities that you would like to take together with us – from providing general support, arrange engagements with young people, shaping research or lobbying with us.

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