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Together, we can break down the barriers that lead to youth unemployment.

We’re on a mission to see a South Africa where all young people can thrive by tapping into earning opportunities.


Research shows that the majority of young South Africans struggle to complete their education; looking for work is expensive and it’s challenging to find ways to tap into earning opportunities, or build onto work experience provided by public employment programmes.

1 in 2

Grade 1’s haven’t made it to matric. Without a certification, they struggle to re-engage with the education system or find employment.



Young people who live in households without an employed adult, and lack connections to the world of work.


8 in 10

the number of young people that have to choose between buying food and looking for work


9.1 Mil

Young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEET)- and are unable to contribute to the economy.



Youth Capital’s Action Plan brings together research, policies, and the lived experiences of young people about the challenges that underpin youth unemployment. The Plan prioritises ten systemic challenges that must be addressed to ensure young South Africans have the skills, opportunities, and support to earn money and move South Africa forward. #ShiftGears on youth unemployment.

All who start should finish. Almost every young person in South Africa starts school. But from the moment they enter a Grade 1 classroom, the odds of success are stacked against them. We must work together to provide support to help young people get certified.

The transition from education to a place of work is critical, as job-seeking becomes increasingly difficult the longer young people are unemployed. We must provide the right support and connection to help young people find and hold onto earning opportunities.

All work must be stepping stones to earning opportunities. Young people need the right support to leverage all the experience they have, to be able to grow their skills, access opportunities and be able to contribute to the economy.

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To date, The Presidential Employment Stimulus (PES) is one of largest public employment programme in South Africa with 83% youth beneficiaries, having provided work experience to over 1 MILLION young South Africans. It’s set to lose its funding by March 2024. We cannot allow this to happen.

Urge the Minister of Finance and the National Treasury to keep funding this programme that gives young people much-needed work experience that will keep them plugged into the economy, while serving their communities and providing teachers and learners with support in schools.

#fundourfutures campaign

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Linked In: Rising through social and economic opportunities

A wide and deep body of research confirms that social connections matter to unlock opportunities for young people. But how can we intentionally grow young people’s circles? In this brief, Youth Capital explores the different social ties young people need to thrive.

Lean on each other - tackle youth unemployment

Follow the stories of South Africans, across race, class and age, to show the impact of social connections on their journey and the actions we can take to start creating the social connections young people need to earn an income.

Building social connections for future generations

Each of us can play a key role in creating networks, and connecting other young people to the information and resources they need to succeed in life and in their career.


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