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What does it really cost young people to look for work?
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15 June 2023

Lean on each other – tackle youth unemployment produced in collaboration with Eh!woza, features the seven stories of South Africans, across race, class and different sectors, to show the impact of social connections on their journey and the ways everyday South Africans can start creating the social connections young people need to earn an income.

How to create social connections that unlock opportunities.

5 June 2023

Stand up for yourself and other young people by playing a role in creating connections and sharing them with other young people.

Learn & Do. How to hire, onboard, and retain young talent.

1 December 2022

How can entrepreneurs hire and retain young talent? Developed in partnership with Mama Money and others, this toolkit includes their five top tips.

How to get started in bringing young people into your circles.

5 October 2022

Both research and lived experiences show the power of social connections in shaping the ambitions and careers of young people and unlock economic opportunities for young people.

TOOLKIT | Host your documentary screening

6 June 2022

Arrange a screening of Eh!woza and Youth Capital’s documentary film ‘I’ve been trying’. 8 years without a job, narrated by Pearl Thusi.

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