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Youth trapped in job seeking’s revolving doors

29 April 2022

In the Mail & Guardian, Youth Capital Campaigner Phila Prince Msutu shares his journey in and out of education and short-term job opportunities that lead nowhere.

CatchUs Up

Why helping young people catch up is a priority.

23 March 2022

In this post, Siyavula’s Nosipho Sithole discusses why helping young people catch up should be on everyone’s priority list.


#CertifyUs: Why We Need Support to Complete our Qualifications.

7 March 2022

What do we mean when we say that education and unemployment in South Africa are connected? Find out why an educational qualification matters.

STUDY TIPS | How to get the grades you want in high school.

4 August 2021

How can you study for tests so that the matric exam is a breeze in the park? Tao from Foondamate shares her top tips.

Research Brief: Education

9 July 2021

Youth Capital’s latest research on the Education challenges young South Africans face.

Opinion | Before, during and after Covid-19: An academic catch up plan for South African learners.

6 August 2020

COVID-19 has turned the spotlight on the challenges learners face in schools. The ongoing lockdown means that different learners have access to different resources. We need a catch up plan to support all learners to learn equally.

Listen | Why we need an academic catch-up plan now.

4 June 2020

With the Department of Basic Education’s plan to reopen school with a phased-in approach, in an interview on 702, Youth Capital stresses the importance of an academic catch-up plan to ensure that no learners are left behind.

Listen | No learner should be left behind.

28 May 2020

How can we ensure that the back to school plan of the Department of Basic Education ensures that all learners can learn equally? Kristal Duncan-Williams speaks to Lester Kiewit and a Grade 12 students on Cape Talk about the need for an academic catch-up plan that responds to the real needs of our learners. 

Opinion | South Africa’s digital divide detrimental to the youth.

20 April 2020

Without the means and data to leverage lockdown as a time to grow, COVID-19 reinforces how SA’s data-divide remains a barrier to young people’s progress and potential to learn.

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