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What does it really cost young people to look for work?
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RESEARCH | The state of higher institution learning in South Africa

14 March 2023

What about the state of higher institution learning in South Africa? In this blog, we unpack the insights from DHET’s annual report.

Daily Maverick Webinar | Small businesses & youth unemployment

22 February 2023

What is the role that small businesses play in tackling youth unemployment?What is the role that small businesses play in tackling youth unemployment? The findings of ‘Bridge the gap’ were unpacked in a Daily Maverick webinar.

Five tips to create a business competitive edge through youth partnerships. 

24 October 2022

According to the latest GenNext Youth Behaviour Report, young people represent a sizable market in South Africa; not only for their spending power, but also for their influencing role in shaping their household’s spending power.

Three tips to grow social connections for young people.

12 October 2022

How can we promote social connections that can have a business impact? In this post, we unlock the secret of creating effective connections.

My Take | Ellen Morta breaks cycles through social connections

14 September 2022 | Leave a Comment

From a young age, Ellen was exposed to the power and impact of youth development, and as a result, throughout her life, she found herself moving towards work in the youth development space.

My Take on Social Connections: Francois Potgieter

9 September 2022

Connecting with different people can provide young people with exposure to knowledge, resources, and opportunities that wouldn’t be within their reach. Francois shares his experience of connecting with mentors through Cape Town-based organisation SAYes.

Part of the action | Eh!Woza

27 May 2022

Eh!woza is a dynamic organisation that operates at the intersection of science communication, youth advocacy, community engagement, and skills development to merge the biomedicine of disease with its social impact.

Part of the Action | Ekasi Business Accelerator.

20 May 2022

Local projects can provide young people actionable solutions they really need! Ekasi Business Accelerator is Part of the Action in making job-seeking affordable in Alex, Johannesburg.

Part of the Action: Mintor makes job-seeking affordable

13 May 2022

Young people experience a significant roadblock when looking for a job: the financial cost of job-seeking. Heavy data costs and transport remain one of the largest expenses they have to face. Recently, the use of data-light platforms has emerged as a means of reducing job-seeking costs. 

‘Beyond the cost’: questions from the launch.

5 May 2022

Youth Capital launched ‘Beyond the Cost’, a research report on the cost job-seekers have to face. Read the questions from the launch, answered.

LIVE | Do job-seekers find value using online platforms?

19 November 2021

Are digital platforms effective in making job-seeking affordable? In this Facebook Live with JobStarter, we put our experiences at the centre.

SURVEY | How much does it cost to look for work?

25 August 2021

How much does it cost to look for work for young job-seekers? Fill our survey to help Youth Capital advocate for youth-led solutions.

Unlocking youth power through mentoring | Sandrine and SAYes.

20 August 2020

Sandrine shares her story on how SAYes mentors gave her the support and strength to navigate school and make decisions for her future career.

Bridge the Info Gap | Finding Your Calling on a Rocky Road

3 August 2020

When leaving school Ferronique struggled to find a job. With the help of Umuzi. she found her calling to becoming a coder at BBD while on a rocky road. 

Best Practices When Looking for a Job.

22 June 2020

Do you struggle with making your work experience count when responding to job vacancies? How can you start growing your social network as a student?Job Advice SA founder Tim Barry and Career Coach Ennie Chipembere answer some of our questions on challenges we face when looking for a job.

#DataPrices: Understanding the Data Commission.

20 April 2020

To understand the current conversation on data prices and the Competition Commission, Jan Vermeulen, Editor of MyBroadband, helps us understand South Africa’s situation on data prices set by different operators, zero-rating, and the proposed life-line bundles.

#21LockdownSA: Ask us!

27 March 2020

Youth Capital’s Network Mobiliser Lethiwe Nkosi and Dr Hapiloe Maranyane hosted a WhatsApp Webinar with 250 young South Africans. During the webinar, Lethiwe explained the rules of the 21 days of Lockdown while Hapiloe Maranyane answered some questions about the medical aspects of the virus. If you’ve been wondering why the next 21 days are critical for our country, this post is for you!

Listen | How lower data prices could make job seeking affordable.

13 March 2020

Youth Capital Project Lead Kristal Duncan-Williams chats to Ray White on the Azania Mosaka Show about what else is needed to ensure that  lower data prices and zero-rated websites are effective in making job-seeking affordable.

FinSavvy Graduate Safety Net- An initiative to support young job seekers.

17 February 2020

The cost of finding a job  is cited as one of the challenges young people experience when trying to navigate their way out of being unemployed.

Transitions: The Long Hustle to a Job.

16 September 2019

The transition between leaving school and finding a job, is often a longer and more difficult “in-between” period for many young South Africans than many of us realize.

Hustling Harder: Young Women Making it Work

28 August 2019

With August being Women’s Month, it’s the perfect time to think about how we as a society can do more to support young women.

Immie stays in the game

6 August 2019

It is difficult for young people across South Africa to find a job, especially when the youth unemployment rate has increased to 40%.

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