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The Influencer Network Programme: Shifting Gears on Youth Unemployment.

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Everybody agrees: youth unemployment rates in South Africa have stayed high for way too long. The issue is deeply rooted in the history and development of our country and we understand that it won’t be a quick one to solve. The real problem we face though is that conversations and discussions can unravel for years, and solutions can lag behind. How can the young people themselves help shift gears?

Young people are the solution.

Youth Capital is an advocacy campaign by young people to transform the employment trajectory of a generation. It’s not easy, but our aim is to ensure that every young South African has the skills, support, and opportunity to get their first decent job. 
Young people are a real resource for the country (capital) and their participation is essential if we want to shift gears on unemployment. Young People, your views, voices and actions count in creating a world where young people thrive.

This is why we are very excited to launch the YC Influencer Network. Selected young leaders from South Africa have been selected to work closely with Youth Capital to implement a shared strategy to tackle youth unemployment, the Action Plan.

Who is a YC Influencer?

South Africa needs dreamers, innovators and doers that translate ideas into actions. The truth is that we are not alone in suffering from and tackling youth unemployment; this common purpose has the power to bring people and a real network together. Through the Programme, Youth Capital will equip Youth Capital Influencers with:

  • Facts to help them meaningfully engage with the issue of youth unemployment;
  • The tools, skills and information needed to lead change in their communities;
  • Mechanisms for amplifying their actions through building national connections.

Connecting the dots to #ShiftGears

The Youth Capital Influencers will have the opportunity to connect and build their own network with fellow youth and local stakeholders. This will be done through YC Influencers forming YC Collectives- teams of young people – in their community. They will be able to focus on the assets they have to turn the situation around, rather than focusing on challenges only. We believe this interactive process will lead to innovative solutions to address the high levels of youth unemployment, from small actions at local level to big policies at national level. 

Together, they will brainstorm solutions to solve some of the unemployment issues connected to education, transitions (the phase between studying and working) and jobs. The workshops will set the YC Influencers off on a journey as the networks translate ideas into real projects that have an impact on their communities.

Use your voice to make a change: Be like Zee!


After an interview in the city, Zee realizes she doesn’t have enough money to catch a taxi home – she looks around her and she sees other young people facing the same problem. They all ask each other, “How can we afford to look for work if we don’t have jobs?”. Together they decide to act: they approach the local taxi association and agree on ways to find travelling costs for young people going for interviews.  Word gets around to taxi associations and neighbouring towns; soon they have made headline news and they’re all over social media. Zee and her network have made one small action that shifted gears to create real change. 

Are you ready to shake things up? Get in touch with Youth Capital.

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