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Listen | Internships, Learnerships and the World of Work.

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What are internships and learnerships?

These are entry points that young people can leverage to gain work experience; these can be stepping stones into a formalised career pathway. While internships are often not regulated, learnerships fall under the National Skills Development Legislation and there are many learning outcomes.

Youth Capital’s Project Lead chats to Clement Manyathela about the benefits of internships and learnerships and how young people can navigate these opportunities to gain relevant work experience. She also addresses some of the challenges young people face like stipend, and contract duration.

‘In a context like South Africa, it’s essential that these positions receive a stipend that covers transport etc. Young people also need to sign a contract where your position and tasks are specified’, says Kristal Duncan-Williams.

Listen to the conversation here.



You can read more about learnerships here.

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