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An Open Letter | Dear Matric Class of 2021

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Dear Matric Class 2021,

Failure is such a personal thing. It is almost entirely an inner battle, and there’s usually little you can do to turn someone around the change has to come from within them. So friends, parents and relative looking on from the outside, the best thing you can do is be there for them. Support young people. Show them that you’ve not lost any respect for them, and that you still believe in them and their abilities.

One of my darkest times was failing my matric, I was entirely weighed down by it – my self-confidence was utterly destroyed; leaving me self-pitying in self-contempt. I was devastated, embarrassed and crushed. At the time, it seemed like all my hopes and dreams had vanished.

Matric Rewrite 2021


There are roads that can lead us to failure, these roads can be avoided. We all have choices that we make, and we are accountable and responsible for those choices. As I reflect on the various events and circumstances that have taken place in my life, I realise that taking responsibility for my failures was the responsible thing to do. I believe that God allowed those things to happen so that they would lead me to discovering a deeper understanding of my purpose. Those roads led me to the place where I find myself today. The failures I experienced were necessary as they taught me lessons that have helped me make better choices for my life and achieving my goals .

Amongst the things that made the failure so unbearable at the time was the immense disappointment. I had disappointed not only myself but my high school teachers, family and my community. I didn’t fully understand how heavy the weight of expectation was until I failed. But as heavy the weight of expectation was, the weight of disappointment was even heavier. I was so embarrassed. Just walking down, the street to go buy a loaf of bread felt like a was walking down to meet my death. I could feel people’s eyes following me. There was chatter, gossip and shame.

You have the power to look forward.

As a young and hopelessly failed student, knowing that I had a second chance gave me hope and meant everything. That moment was one of the changing points of my life, and I still think back to that perspective today. It made me realise that I had the power to change everything – and I’m proud to say that I did.

Whatever the outcomes of the results, the clock can’t be turned back – you can’t magically reverse time and suddenly change the outcome. find the courage to pick myself up and try again it not easy but it’s possible.

“Success Designed by Failure”.

I wrote the book for everyone and to intentional inspire young people because I feel many within of you will relate with my story. Many young people have given up hope and have given themselves over to drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and other social ills and it is my hope that this book will infuse a sense of purpose and hope and help us to better navigate through our youthful days. Our failures do not define us, they simply refine us.

Many times, we think that failure is the end, when in fact, it’s an opportunity to start again. When you change the way you see failure, you give yourself room to grow and have a bigger vision of what your life can become. Yes, it may have surprise you, but you must dust yourself off begin your new path with enthusiasm and confidence. You still have so much life ahead of you.

There is still so much for you to see and do. There are so many places you’re going to go to, so many people you’re going to meet. Yes, you may have failed, but you must see the opportunity in your failure. In my case, failing my matric became an opportunity for me to rediscover myself. It became an opportunity to learn how to strategies and how to learn some discipline. All these characteristics helped me greatly in life and believe it or not, failing my matric ended up becoming a blessing in my life.


How do you feel about your matric results?


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