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Our Plan to Take Action.

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As young people, we constitute 35% of South Africa’s total population. This means that we are the future leaders of South Africa. So we need to be contributing to South Africa economic growth; social development and democracy. But 8.9 million of us are without employment, education or training opportunities; we cannot meaningfully participate in South Africa’s political and socio-economic growth. We can’t wait any longer.

In 2018 and 2019 Youth Capital spoke to young people across South Africa, asking them about their experience of looking for work. We learnt that the road to a first quality job begins long before applying. So, we created a holistic action plan to effectively support youth employment.

The Action Plan to reduce youth unemployment.

The Action Plan was developed from the best evidence we could find, and from our conversations with young people about their experiences of looking for work. It highlights 10 actions that, if taken, would improve employment outcomes for young people: supporting them in completing their educational journey (Education), supporting them in their journey from education into the labour market (Transitions), and ensuring that existing employment opportunities provide stepping stones to sustainable livelihoods (Jobs).

The Plan is developed around the actions of many stakeholders – organisations in civil society and many individuals who, in a personal capacity are working to ensure that young people are supported.

How can you support the Plan?

We need your support NOW more than ever. If you are committed to solving youth unemployment, support the Plan now by endorsing it!

By endorsing the Plan, you
• Join Youth Capital in calling for the implementation of a shared agenda;
• Recognise the role the Action Plan plays as a strategic blueprint for tackling youth unemployment;
• Underline the importance of your work in driving solutions to change the trajectory for young people;
• Commit to working collaboratively with key stakeholders to make the Action Plan a reality.

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