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LISTEN | Why we need an Action Plan to solve youth unemployment.

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In this interview with Khaya Sithole on Youth Day, Youth Capital’s Project Lead Kristal Duncan-Williams unpacks what is currently missing from programmes designed to tackle youth unemployment.

At Youth Capital, we believe the reason for our inability to make any real change is a lack of a common agenda and a lack of youth participation in driving solutions that really work. In 2020, Youth Capital developed an Action Plan to develop youth unemployment. Grounded in young people’s lived experiences, the Action Plan connects young people’s realities of looking for work with data, research, and policies to form a shared strategy to shift the needle on youth unemployment. The Action Plan prioritises areas of intervention where individuals and organisations can work together to improve employment outcomes for young people: supporting them in completing their educational journey, supporting them in their journey from education into the labour market, and ensuring that existing employment initiatives and opportunities provide stepping stones to sustainable livelihoods.

Listen to the interview here

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