[LISTEN] How we can bridge the gap between small businesses and young talent. - Youth Capital

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[LISTEN] How we can bridge the gap between small businesses and young talent.

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According to Statistics SA, the country’s unemployment rate fell from 33.9% in the 2nd quarter to 32.9% in the 3rd quarter. However, young people still recorded the highest unemployment rates.

702’s John Perlman speaks to Lethiwe Sinodumo Nkosi, Network Mobiliser at Youth Capital, about identifying the gaps between small businesses and young talent.

Challenges don’t start when young people start looking for jobs, but while they are still in school… and then there are challenges that young people face in the transition from school to the labor market, for example, the high cost of looking for work.

Lethiwe Sinodumo Nkosi, Youth Capital

Lethiwe adds that socio-economic factors also determine the path to which young people have exposure and access; in fact, the majority of young South Africans live in household without an employed adult; this critically limits the kind of social connections that can meaningfully support young people on their journey through education and employment.

In this context, the role of small, medium and micro enterprises is critical.

If we can support SMMEs to overcome challenges they face in order to employ young people, then some young people will get the experience that they need.

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