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Listen | Beyond the cost on 702

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According to Youth Capital’s latest research, job-seeking costs for young people are not coming down, even though the number of interventions that aim to make the journey easier for young people.

Following the launch of ‘Beyond the Cost’ research report, Youth Capital’s Project Lead spoke to 702’s Relebongile Mabotja about some of the insights from the research

The majority of the survey respondents reported looking for work for more than a year, with many looking for more than three years.

Kristal Duncan-Williams, Project Lead for Youth Capital

Kristal also spoke to John Perlman, who said that ‘work-seekers are handcuffed; it’s not that they are discouraged, it’s that they can’t get job-seeking done’ referring to the invisible costs they have to face when looking for work.

No silver bullet will solve the youth unemployment crisis; we need to focus on a range of interventions

Kristal Duncan-Williams

Kristal highlighted the suite of interventions that can not only reduce job-seeking costs, but also improve matching between a young person’s profile and potential vacancies.

Listen to the interview below

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