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What does it really cost young people to look for work?
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Listen | ‘Beyond the Cost’ with John Maytham on Cape Talk.

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Insights from Youth Capital’s latest research report ‘Beyond the Cost’ show that eight out of 10 people in South Africa have to spread their constrained funds between finding a job and buying groceries. The research report was based on an online survey Youth Capital undertook in partnership with Open Dialogue between August and October 2021 on job-seeking costs for young people.

John Maytham on Cape Talk spoke to Youth Capital’s Project Lead Kristal Duncan-Williams on the high cost of looking for employment for the country’s youth.

Duncan-Williams discussed the insights from the report, but also highlighted some practical solutions to reduce these costs for young people.

‘While the average person might argue that being interviewed in the comfort of your own home is a privilege, for some impoverished people, taking a taxi to the venue and back would amount to much less’. 

Kristal Duncan-Williams


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