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What does it really cost young people to look for work?
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#StandUp Campaign

Both research and lived experiences show the power of social connections in shaping the ambitions and careers of young people, and ultimately unlock economic opportunities for them. Want to be part of the solution? We’ve put together small actions anyone can take to create and nurture social connections with young people.

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give direction

Your experience is gold! Whether you want to share it in a formal or informal setting, don’t keep it to yourself.

create exposure

It’s time to pave a new way. Shine a light on young people’s professional profiles or businesses by opening your network.

build together

You can shape young people’s future by building knowledge and skills that set them up for success.

Provide support

It’s not just about the money. Make resources available that can enable young people to reach who they want to be.

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Social connections are powerful in shaping the ambitions and careers of young people, and to unlock economic opportunities. One caring adult, one recommendation letter or one mentor can make the difference in exposing young people to people, skills, resources or opportunities. But how can we intentionally grow young people’s circles?

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