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Join our campaign thetha nge unemployment to take action against youth unemployment

Where is Tintswalo? The State of the Nation Address minimises young South Africans’ challenges

8 February 2024

Youth Capital’s response to #SONA2024 calls for the prioritisation of youth challenges such as youth unemployment.

ONLINE EVENT: YES or NO? Is youth unemployment a priority for the 2024 elections?

5 February 2024

{EVENT] Youth Capital speaks to political parties about their youth strategies ahead of the 2024 national elections.

Youth Capital calls the Government and National Treasury to address the magnitude of the youth unemployment crisis.

14 November 2023

Advocacy campaign Youth Capital responds to the latest youth unemployment stats, highlighting the urgency of solutions.

Fund our Futures Campaign: a small victory – but we’re not giving up!

3 November 2023

We have submitted the signatures to National Treasury, and the Presidential Employment Stimulus received funding – but we’re not done yet!

Lean on each other – tackle youth unemployment

17 July 2023

Follow the stories of South Africans, across race, class and age, to show the impact of social connections on their journey and the actions we can take to start creating the social connections young people need to earn an income.

Daily Maverick Webinar | Small businesses & youth unemployment

22 February 2023

What is the role that small businesses play in tackling youth unemployment?What is the role that small businesses play in tackling youth unemployment? The findings of ‘Bridge the gap’ were unpacked in a Daily Maverick webinar.

Sikis Koffee Kafe: Establishing a Township Market for Local Cafes

10 November 2022

‘To be an entrepreneur, one needs to be crazy; but to be an entrepreneur, one also needs to look for solutions”

Siki runs his coffee shop out of the garage of his home in the township of Khayelitsha, in Cape Town. After dropping out of high school, he started working in cafes as a dishwasher at a young age; it took him little time to start climbing the ranks, and he was employed as a s a store manager.

Five tips to create a business competitive edge through youth partnerships. 

24 October 2022

According to the latest GenNext Youth Behaviour Report, young people represent a sizable market in South Africa; not only for their spending power, but also for their influencing role in shaping their household’s spending power.

My Take | Ellen Morta breaks cycles through social connections

14 September 2022 | Leave a Comment

From a young age, Ellen was exposed to the power and impact of youth development, and as a result, throughout her life, she found herself moving towards work in the youth development space.

DOCUMENTARY FILM| ‘I’ve been trying’. 8 years without a job.

17 June 2022

The short documentary film ‘I’ve been trying’ 8 years without a job tells the stories behind the youth unemployment statistics.

Beyond the Cost: What does it really cost young people to look for work?

3 May 2022

Research report ‘Beyond the Cost’ raises the flag on the cost of looking for work for young job-seekers, and highlights the impact of spatial inequality on transport costs young people face.

Survey: The School Assistant Programme.

24 March 2022

Did you take part in Phase Two of the School Assistant Programme under the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI)?


#CertifyUs: Why We Need Support to Complete our Qualifications.

7 March 2022

What do we mean when we say that education and unemployment in South Africa are connected? Find out why an educational qualification matters.


3 December 2021

At the end of October, Youth Capital launched its second publication, Unlock Jobs, co-hosted by the Mail & Guardian. Here we answer the questions asked during the live discussion.

The Second Chance Matric Programme 2024: All you need to know about the matric re-write.

18 March 2021

How can you register for the Second Chance Matric Programme or matric rewrite in 2022? Find out all the important information in this post

Research | Matrics ‘on the Fringe’: a Review of the Second Chance Programme.

10 March 2021

Latest research by Youth Capital and Stellenbosch University’s Research on Social and Economic Policy (ReSEP) for the first time provides evidence that at any time, 250 000 young people are working towards a matric certificate outside of the full-time schooling system; but these young people are not reported by the Department of Basic Education. 

An Open Letter | Dear Matric Class of 2021

22 February 2021

In this open letter to the 2020 matric learners, author Matome Motloutsi inspires young people to show up, do the work and sometimes take the chance to try again.  “Failures don’t define us, they simply refine us”. Best of luck!


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