Kristal Duncan-Williams, Author at Youth Capital

#FundOurFutures | Calling for continued funding of the Presidential Employment Stimulus

20 July 2023

The Presidential Employment Stimulus (PES) has provided valuable work experience to over 1 MILLION South Africans; funding ends in March 2024. Add your voice to the call for continued funding.

RESEARCH | The state of higher institution learning in South Africa

14 March 2023

What about the state of higher institution learning in South Africa? In this blog, we unpack the insights from DHET’s annual report.


29 September 2021

Why is youth unemployment in South Africa a crisis? Youth Capital’s Project Lead contextualises the crisis on Le Monde.

OPINION | 2020 matrics are already anxious, registering for the rewrite shouldn’t add to that.

16 February 2021

Registering for the Second Chance Matric Programme (matric rewrite) should be easy; at the moment, information about it is conflicting and confusing and young people are being given the rounaround. This Opinion piece originally appeared on News24.

Opinion| Let’s get behind the General Education Certificate – and make it work!

3 October 2019

In this analysis for the Daily Maverick, DGMT Deputy CEO Janet Jobson and Youth Capital Project Lead Kristal Duncal-Williams look at what formalising the end of compulsory schooling in Grade 9 could unlock for young people and the whole education system. 

Opinion | Unemployed youth are stuck between a rock and a hopeless case

14 September 2019

Between the cost of actually finding a job, from transport to the all-important data, it’s no wonder the unemployed have all-but given up.

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