Clotilde Angelucci, Author at Youth Capital

Setting an agenda for policy change to promote youth employment for 2024-2029

16 May 2024

Following consultations with civil society, youth movements and researchers, Youth Capital drafted its agenda for policy change for the next administration 2024-2029.

#Budget2024: Why South Africa can’t afford to stop the presidential employment stimulus

21 February 2024

Eight in 10 young unemployed people have never had a job before. The Social Employment Fund is not perfect but it’s the best tool we have right now to ensure that young people gain their first work experience, alleviate poverty in communities and boost national spending. The programme needs government’s budgetary commitment in the medium term, write Juanita Pardesi and Kristal Duncan-Williams.

PRESS RELEASE: Young people have to choose between looking for work and buying food

14 February 2024

Built on the Siyakha Study, Youth Capital’s Beyond the Cost provides an update of the financial costs young job-seekers have to face.

Where is Tintswalo? The State of the Nation Address minimises young South Africans’ challenges

8 February 2024

Youth Capital’s response to #SONA2024 calls for the prioritisation of youth challenges such as youth unemployment.

Youth unemployment is a key election issue

8 February 2024

Youth Capital is advocating for youth employment plans to be prioritised ahead of the 2024 national elections.

Jobs are not created with young people in mind

28 November 2023

Young people are the most vulnerable but no jobs are created with them in mind. Youth Capital speaks to Stephen Grootes about the youth unemployment crisis.

Youth Capital calls the Government and National Treasury to address the magnitude of the youth unemployment crisis.

14 November 2023

Advocacy campaign Youth Capital responds to the latest youth unemployment stats, highlighting the urgency of solutions.

Fund our Futures Campaign: a small victory – but we’re not giving up!

3 November 2023

We have submitted the signatures to National Treasury, and the Presidential Employment Stimulus received funding – but we’re not done yet!


31 October 2023

Youth Capital has submitted over 16 000 signatures in support of its advocacy requesting ongoing funding to National Treasury


17 October 2023

‘One Million and Counting: The Presidential Employment Stimulus’ underscores the vital role of public employment programmes in addressing youth unemployment, while at the same time addressing the real needs of community. It also highlights the large impact the Stimulus has had in only three years through its coordination with multiple partners and a bottom-up approach, […]


10 March 2023

Following the release of the latest unemployment stats, Youth Capital spoke to Lester Kiewit about the urgency of the crisis.


24 February 2023

Following the State of the Nation Address, Youth Capital spoke to Cape Talk to comment on the lack of youth focus of the speech.


24 February 2023

Youth unemployment is one of the crises that is defining our country. On Thursday 9 February 2023 during the State of the Nation Address, the President acknowledged the systemic nature of the challenge; however, the speech failed to capture urgent timelines for bold solutions that can make a real difference in the lives of young […]

Daily Maverick Webinar | Small businesses & youth unemployment

22 February 2023

What is the role that small businesses play in tackling youth unemployment?What is the role that small businesses play in tackling youth unemployment? The findings of ‘Bridge the gap’ were unpacked in a Daily Maverick webinar.

Young talent and Small Businesses: this is how we bridge the gap.

22 December 2022

National survey by Youth Capital confirms that SMMEs need tailored support to hire and retain young talent. We unpacked the findings in a Twitter Space.

[READ] Your neighbourhood restaurant may be more important than you realise. Here’s why[READ]

14 December 2022

With roughly 2.6 million people operating small businesses in South Africa, bridging the gap between young job-seekers and SMMEs must be a national priority. We write about three key solutions on Fin24.

[LISTEN] Youth unemployment is a mountain to climb.

1 December 2022

On this interview with Sifiso Skenjana, Youth Capital’s Network Mobiliser Lethiwe Sinodumo Nkosi unpacks solutions to bridge the gap between SMMEs and young job-seekers.

[LISTEN] Small business and their challenges in hiring and retaining young people

1 December 2022

Youth Capital chats to Cape Talk about solutions to bridge the gaps between small businesses and young job-seekers.

Learn & Do. How to hire, onboard, and retain young talent.

1 December 2022

How can entrepreneurs hire and retain young talent? Developed in partnership with Mama Money and others, this toolkit includes their five top tips.

[LISTEN] How we can bridge the gap between small businesses and young talent.

1 December 2022

Following the release of our latest report, Youth Capital speaks to 702’s John Perlman about the solutions to fix the challenges small businesses face.

[WATCH] Small businesses need tailored support to unlock growth

1 December 2022

What are the challenges that small businesses face when hiring and retaining young hires? Youth Capital chats to Newzroom Afrika about the latest report, Bridge the Gap.

[WATCH] Small businesses need tailored support to unlock growth

30 November 2022

As youth unemployment continues to be a national crisis, small businesses have been increasingly expected to provide solutions for economic growth and to absorb young talent. But there is a paradox: even though they make up 40% of the GDP, and created more than 1,800 jobs per day between 2016 and 2019, their challenges are […]

Statement: National survey confirms that small businesses need support to unlock growth.

28 November 2022

Youth Capital’s latest brief, Bridge the Gap. Finding the ‘right’ young hire, shines a light on the challenges that small businesses face when hiring young talent.

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